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Become a Bro

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We make merchandising easy!

Now you can have your merch and sell it...

Without the, crazy expenses!

The creative crew at Heybro will design, produce and manage your merchandise for you, so you can focus on your school, club or studio.

It's time to delight your students and club members with your own merchandise range!

Have you always dreamed of having your own merchandise, like tumblers, mugs, hats, caps, hoodies, socks or even accessories? Do you long to see your fans, supporters and students walk around in your own branded kits? Have you seen what starting a merchandise range can cost?

You don’t have to wonder, ponder or even look further, HeyBro is here to help you. 

Our merchandise management is simple and easy. 

We’ll design your range, produce your products, set up an online shop page for your club, studio, or school, and manage your online sales for you, we’ll even sort out your shipping for you simply because we love seeing small businesses and schools shine.

So what’s the catch? 

Well, nothing! 

The Grown-ups at HeyBro handle all the money matters, and you choose your own price ranges. 

So don’t delay – chat to our MD about getting you signed up to Become a Bro today! 

HeyBro Corporate Become a Bro

Ready to launch your merchandise range?

The first 10, schools or clubs, or studios who join HeyBro will get 100% off their set-up fee!

How Does It Work?

We Chat and Design

First we start by discussing your ideas, needs and the plans you have for your merchandise range. Then the fun starts. Your HeyBro consultant will walk you through the admin process and our design team will get to work on designing your prototypes. Once you’ve approved we move on to phase 2!

We Set Up Your Shop Page

This is where the magic happens! Now that we have your merchandise range designed and ready to go, our web developers will upload your shop page, so your students and supporters can buy your merchandise online directly from your custom branded shop page.

Start Selling!

Now that your merchandise range is online and ready to go, share your special shop page link with your students and supporters so they can order your custom-designed merchandise range. As the orders come in, your HeyBro crew will produce your products and ship them where they need to go. 

Celebrate your Success!

We love nothing more that celebrating the small wins. At month end you’ll receive a detailed report of the transactions on your custom shop page and the merchandise sold. The grown-ups at HeyBro will confirm and transfer your shop funds like you would’ve discussed in step 1. 

Join These clubs, studios and schools who already enjoy selling their merchandise through HeyBro!

Don't Delay - Become a Bro Today!

The first 10, schools or clubs, or studios who join HeyBro will get 100% off their set-up fee!