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Terms & Conditions

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Why do we need terms and conditions:

Much like everything else in this world, we need to put down a few ground rules so we can all be happy bro’s. We work with local artists, designers, courier companies and suppliers and lest forget…loadshedding.

Who we are:

Welcome to HeyBro, where brand meets brotherhood! We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our brand, dedicated to empowering and celebrating the bond of brands and brothers everywhere.

At HeyBro, we believe that brotherhood is more than just a word—it’s a lifelong connection that shapes who we are. Whether you’re related by blood or bound by friendship, HeyBro is here to honor and amplify the strength, support, and camaraderie shared among brothers.

Our carefully curated collection of fashion-forward apparel and accessories reflects the essence of modern brotherhood. From trendy drinkware to timeless classics, we strive to provide you with the perfect blend of style, comfort, and quality. Every item in our range is designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that you not only look great but feel confident in your custom HeyBro gear.

But HeyBro is about more than just branding. We are building a community—a place where brands and brothers can connect, inspire, and uplift one another.

HeyBro—where brands and brotherhood collide. 

Our team:

HeyBro is the brain child of Alex Gerber, a delightful young man with big dreams. But like any teenager knows (or at least should know), you are only as strong as your team. With that being said, the young directors of HeyBro comes up with all the cool ideas and big plans and apply a little elbow grease, the heavy lifting is up to the grownups.

The Momager makes sure the offspring is fed, and gets to school and rugby practice on time.

The MD is in charge of client liaison, contracts, operations and production.

The manager is in charge of admin and communication.

No homework, tests, practices, parties or exams are neglected in this company.

Print and design:

Even through we believe, we’re practically perfect in every way we have to acknowledge the fact that 90% of HeyBro merchandise is hand-made. No two mugs, tumblers or mousepads are alike. Even though we strive to produce only the best quality merchandise, accidents do happen. If you have a query about one of your products, and if you are 100% sure this is not due to the handmade nature of the product, be sure to submit a form and let us know.

We do not accept or refund items that have small inconsistencies, if it is truly broken, bruised or just sucky, we will replace the item for you.

Our designs are our own or produced by local artists and designers. No copyright infringement is intended in anyway. If you have a concern or questions about our designs, submit a form and let’s connect.

Production time:

Since the majority of our merchandise, swag and corporate orders are all custom made locally. All products have a standard 7-10 production turn-around time before shipping.

Please note that some vendors require a little more time to complete their orders. Be sure to read the product descriptions carefully.


At HeyBro we teamed up with the bro’s at The Courier Guy. They will take care of your package and make sure it finds its way home. Please take note of the following.

Schools, Clubs and Studios:

Your order will be shipped to your school, your club or your studio. Your teacher, coach or instructor will receive your order and make sure you get it. To make sure this ship sails smoothly, your order will be labeled with your details to make sure little Joe, who always makes a ruckus, doesn’t take your order by mistake.

Private Clubs and Studios:

If your club or studio does not have a local pick-up point – your order will be shipped to your door (or whatever delivery address you included)


Communication around shipping and tracking your parcel will always be directly with your club, school or studio. If, by any chance, a kraken attacks your ship(ping) you will be notified directly.